Gmail’s awesome 5 tricks with which you can use Gmail smartly

By | August 20, 2018

Internet is the biggest communication medium today. The internet made communication between us easier. As a result, we can send information from one end of the world to the other end of the day. If someone wants to send us information, we do not always have to sit in front of a computer or a smartphone. Because anyone can send us the message and the message is submitted to our specific inbox. And then we can wear the massage from there.

Since the beginning of the internet, email is being used as a medium of communication. One of the reasons is that it is possible to send a lot more data to one or more people using email. And the second reason is that most of the email service is free today. That means if you want to take an email service from the Internet, then you do not have to spend any money. Gmail is among the most used and email services. Because Ananya offers much more features than free mail services.

We do a lot with our Gmail ID. Because of this, many Gmail emails are required for our Gmail ID. As a result, we do not find the required email. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find many useful emails. And our important time in it goes away. So we can find any email very quickly using some methods. I will show you these methods in this tune.

  1. How to see all emails of specific emails together?
    We often have to see all the email addresses of a specific email id together. Again, the old email sent from an email id may be needed for a variety of reasons. Since the email is out of date, it would be a lot of trouble to find that email. One has to scroll through the email. It requires patience as it requires time and time. However, we can see all emails sent from any email ID. For this you have to login to Gmail. Then take the mouse cursor on the name of the email ID you want to see. Then you will see a small window like below.

Then on the bottom of this window, click on the option “Email” to see the list of all emails sent from that email ID. Now you can easily find old emails.

  1. How to find out the sender’s email without knowing the name of Sander?
    I have shown above how all e-mail emails sent from the e-mail ID can be found from a sent email. But what if you do not know the name of that email id? You can still find out if you want. If you know what is written from the e-mail id, then you can do it. For this, Gmail has to go in. First, there will be a click on the right arrow on the right side of Google’s search bar on Gmail. Then a window like the following will be open.

In the new window that opens, you will find many options that will be available in the first place, “From” is a cleft house. Give the name of the e-mail that comes from there. If you do not know, keep it blank. Now let’s see that there are two more empty houses named “To” and “Subject”. If you know the subject of the email in the “Subject” room then give it. And at the end, there are two houses, one is “Has the words” and the other is “Does not have” in the first of these two rooms, you can give a line or word in the email that will be useful to find the email. In the next room you can add lines or words that are not e-mailed. Google will soon find your desired email.

  1. How to find out the email according to the subject?
    Many times we have to find out the specific subject’s email. If you want to find out all the emails that came in the name of a program, what would you do? There is a lot of time I need to find every email. But we can easily find the email according to the subject. For this, open Advanced Search by clicking the arrow on the right side of Google’s search bar in the previous method.

Then from the box “Subject” from that window, give the subject of the email you are searching for. Also, if you want to find an email that has specific keywords with the subject, then give it to the “Has the words” box below.

  1. Separate emails according to the label
    As we keep different types of files in different folders, Gmail is also able to do this. But instead of folders in Gmail, different emails were sorted in label form. For this, first go to the Gmail Inbox, then select the emails you want to separate from the label. As I have selected some emails below. Then click on the label’s button to see it above.

Then click on the “Create new” option from the drop down menu. Then there will be another window open next to the one below. Now give a label name here and then click on the “Create” button.

Now your selected emails will be added to that label. Now you can see the name of your label given on the left side. Now you can select any email and add it to the new or old label.

Now your selected emails will be added to that label. Now you can see the name of your label given on the left side. Now you can select any email and add it to the new or old label.

  1. Auto-labeling any email
    This method is not for everyone. For those who are skilled in computer and email only. Those who are very busy can also use it. Labeling one email is a lot of trouble. But we can auto-labeling using an extension of Google Chrome. For this, install the extension from the link below and set it to yourself. It has many important settings. The ones you use to understand. But a little complicated.

Click here to download the extension for Google Chrome.

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