How To Protect Your Personal Information On Facebook 2018

By | August 20, 2018

Maintaining online life securities is a hassle, but it is an intelligent task to follow the exact sequence of securities. Our online information is also often stolen due to a small or big hack. Facebook is the largest social site or social network. And you already know that recently a data leak scandal has happened on Facebook. But you know this scandal is not a routine hacking work. In 2014, a person began to collect data from Facebook by introducing himself as a research, which was perfect in the Facebook policy of the then That person gives data and information about millions of Facebook users to an IT elite firm, Cambride Analytica. After receiving the news, Facebook asked Cambride Analytica to destroy data and information, and Cambridge said that they deleted the data. But there are still rumors that the data and information are near the Cambridge. This is going on in the world for the last few months. You will see it in the news of the Techtunes talk.

This is not a new thing, because big tech companies use your personal information in the right place to earn a lot of money. Sometimes it is either in lawful way and sometimes it is unlawful. You do not want to have your personal political-supported party’s information from Facebook to the opposite party! So on April 19th, according to Facebook’s new privacy settings, you have secured your Facebook account? If not, then today’s tune is for you. So let’s see how your personal data sharing in accordance with Facebook’s new policy will prevent other organizations including Facebook:

Protecting Your Information

You will see this message first in your Facebook account after the first login after April 19 in your Facebook account. Through this, Facebook wants to tell you that there has been a problem on Facebook and now you need to check your privacy settings once again so that there is no further problem in the future. After this message, Facebook will automatically sign Facebook login from all your devices and sites. Then Facebook will arrange your account according to their new data sharing policy. However, depending on the default sorting of Facebook, you can control the data sharing parts of your account by following the steps below.

This is how you check the permissions of your Facebook account and apps. Here you can find out what you are sharing or doing. If there are any counter-reverse apps or sites, delete them immediately. We use the option “sign up using Facebook” to avoid trouble in signing up for various games or sites at different times. This means that the site or the app receives one type of access to our Facebook account. For the first time, to prevent the app from manually tuning the app or the site itself, it can secretly steal data and information from our account. So I’m repeating the end of the tune, if you do not need to refrain from using Facebook accounts on any games, apps and sites.

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