If you do not mind keeping things in mind when sending chats or mails in the virtual world, you can get in danger

By | August 20, 2018

how are you all? Today, we will again have a public awareness tune. I share the problems I have experienced in real life only with you so that you do not have to wear it in such a problem. Today’s topic is very important, you may not find it important to read my writing, but on the day you read it, understand the importance of it.

Expressions of language are called languages. There are many types of language again, if you want, you can express your thinking in 3 ways.

1) By speaking

2) By writing

3) Through gesture indications.

Now if you are asked that the best way to express your feelings, then you might say that the letter The reason is that the letter that I read in a short time is the best way of expressing the mind. But now the era has changed, no one has written the letter, but instead people chat with Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber. There is a lot of miscommunication while chatting. Misunderstandings are because the mind is not expressly expressed in a little bit. I got the experience of this thing myself, the example.


On Facebook, a boy gave me messages occasionally, my little brother called me brother. I helped him with some things, so the boy took me to a big brother in mind. One day, suddenly told me, brother, I will go to see the water in your village house. So my village house is in Hauran region. I could not reply to his message because the power was gone. The night was so sleepy, I entered the next day and saw that he called me a drinker. I was stunned and wanted to go to my house, so I went out without responding to the message. Amat was amazed at all. I became very angry and I gave the boy a lot of shout. The boy said to me, ‘Call me brother, I’ve woken up with you and you became serious?’ I said that I also said sorry.

If this was a small task, then this problem would not have happened because the boy would have put an emo at the end of the message “I’m a miserable”. Example it (: P). Emo has been built so that there is no miscommunication. This system is very good for expressing the mind but there are those who do not use them.

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