Take a look at how mobile charges will increase by 10 times with CPO cooler, cleaner and ram booster

By | August 20, 2018

Today I came up with another app again. An app that can keep mobile running, even if it is low on mobile charges.

Awesome Cleaner & Super Battery Saver

The advantage you get in this app is that the speed of RAM booster, mobile speed increase.
Junk file cleaner CPO Cooler Which will help keep the CPO much cooler.
Battery saver Which will allow mobile to be 5-10 times longer
If there are many apps on Ram Booster mobile, then once you open these apps, it takes a rum in the bag. Which makes the mobile slow. So if all the apps have been closed by ram boosting. Ram becomes free. So Ram Booster is very useful.

Junk file cleaner
Due to the opening of various apps, except for the app, some files go away, which makes it unnecessarily mobile, and the problem of mobile speed. So junk files need to be cleaned. This app can see how some kind of junk file has been submitted and can clear all in one click.

CPO Cooler
Due to the long running mobile, due to the openness of more apps in the CPU, there is a lot of pressure on the CPO, for which the CPO is too hot. Such as on a computer. So everything is cool enough to be cool at the appropriate temperature. For this reason, the CPO can be cooled in one click. Which is a great feature for your mobile.

Battery saver
One of the most important features of this tune is battery saver. And as much as the mobile user, everybody wants to have their mobile battery so much longer. Especially there is no limit to worry if you go anywhere. So hope for these features will be of great benefit to them.

There are three ways to save battery here
Normal mode
Ultra Power Mode
External Power Mode
Normal mode
Normal mode is normal that all apps are charged from open in the account, all the apps and files are closed.

Ultra Power Mode
In this mode you can save your mobile battery more time than usual. The things that your mobile handset will stop for them

Brightness will reduce by 80%.
Slow the other on the other side of the system
All battery packs will stop
With some system apps such as Bluetooth, screen rotation, sink etc. will stop….

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