What to keep in mind if you want to avoid malware and Android phone security on Android?

By | August 20, 2018

We all are familiar with the malware thing. Malware can attack your PC as well as your Android phone. Although not so much like the malware attack on the smartphone, it is always good to ensure 100 percent of smartphones.

Besides, there is no virus or malware attack on smartphones very easily. If you are a Blackberry or an iOS smartphone user, then you can be 90% secure about the virus or the malware. And if you are an Android user, then you can remember a few things and refrain from doing a few things, then you can be completely sure about viruses or any kind of malware. Today’s tunes will talk about some things that you should always remember if you use Android smartphones.

Manually refrain from installing apps
If you are an Android user you must have ever installed the app manually. Manually installing the app means installing an app from anywhere other than the Trusted App Store. You have done this task countless times to save the Internet or to save time. But this work should never be done.

The apps you download and install from the Google Play Store are always safe and usually do not harm your smartphone. But if you install any other app manually with APK file then there will be no such confirmation in those apps. So you will not know whether the installed app is 100% safe. So just guess these apps should not be installed.

Download the app from the Trusted website
Many times you will not find many types of app you need in the Play Store. Maybe the app is not available in your country or because of which you can not find the app on Play Store. In this case, if you have to install the app then you need to download the app from another website and manually install it. Some of the work that is done during this time, Google Search Bar by entering the name of the app in search bar and enter any one search result from any one website download and install the app.

This work should never be done. If you have to install the app manually, then only from Trusted Websites. You can use the Apkmirror website to install the app. This is the most trusted website to manually install the app. Here you will find all types of APK files of all types of required apps. So manually download and install the app from this website. If you download an app from this website, you can stay tuned with the security of the app.

Do not visit any kind of malicious website
You may receive many types of warnings for visiting the website from the website while visiting many websites, such as “This website contains malicious content. Go back for security” and you may also like to visit the website by skipping the Warning like many other Android users. This work should never be done too.

If you use the Google Chrome browser on the phone, you can be more careful about it. If your browser gives such a warning when visiting a website, then you will close the browser tab immediately. Because if you have any malicious content on the website, it can harm your smartphone. It is not fair to take such warnings lightly.

Check app permissions
You may also install the app like other normal Android users, and then start using the app directly. Do not think anything about the app or think about it. But always should not do this. Before you install the app, why not install the app from here, you will check the app’s details before you can see what the app wants to access your smartphone.

For example, if you are trying to install an internet browser app that the app wants access to your phone, contact book and call history, then it is not a normal matter. Then your app should not be installed. So if you see that an app is asking for any such suspicious permissions, then do not install the app.

Uninstall all cleaner and antivirus apps
Most Android users do a lot of work. It is a different type of third party cleaner or antivirus app installed and used always. Such as DU Cleaner, 360 Security, Clean Master etc. Like others, if you think that these apps will protect your smartphone from viruses or malware and keep phone 100% safe, then you are totally mistaken.

Actually, such an antivirus or cleaner app does not benefit 1% of your phone. Scanning files on Android and removing viruses are just show off Rather, these apps cause substantial damage to your smartphone and your phone’s RAM in the name of cleaning your RAM. Besides, these types of apps are not quite safe. These apps want different types of suspicious permissions and access to all types of data on your phone. So if you want to keep your phone safe, uninstall such apps as soon as possible.

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